A Little idea, a big world

An idea is crucial to start any fiction book and by fiction, I emphasize on Fantasy.

Fantasy has been the most celebrated genre in fiction, maybe high epic fantasy or sci-fi fantasy. Why do we read fantasy? For me, I read it because of the world, a different world with different cultures, and many different things, the magic system.

How do we create a world which makes the story better and more fun to read? First and most importantly, there needs to be an idea for it. If you have no idea or feel like "eh, I will just stick to writing stories in worlds that already exist" then you cannot be a successful fantasy writer. There needs to be an idea and passion you put there. After an idea, the settings into:

1. Physical setting of the world: It includes the geography, plants and animals, all those fantastic scenes in your mind and many more like those.

2. Cultural setting of the world: It includes the races and their culture, kingdoms, language, economy, political situation, and so on.

The third thing every world builder should have in mind is; how can the world be relevant to the plot? Or how does the world affect the story and characters? Without the knowledge of this, I would say only a fantastic Pantser like Gorge RR Martin can carry out the story, even he would struggle to put together some parts here and there.

I would recommend my fellow fantasy writers to go through the lectures of Brandon Sanderson, the best selling fantasy author of our time, on YouTube. He has made his teachings available for free.

Prince Kafle is the BIBLIONEPAL Blog writer who has a keen interest in fantasy writing. If you want to be a part of his fantasy project, you can contact him at kafledon12@gmail.com.

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